A Rhino in my Garden: Love, Life and the African bush


Conita Walker tells the story of the love match that lured her from the world of international air travel to plunge, somewhat naively, into the life of a conservationist. It’s a tale of adventure, mishaps, humor, and heartbreak. Conita’s life begins on a remote missionary station. She survives the WWII bombing of Berlin, witnesses the defeat of political systems in both Europe and South Africa, and eventually finds her true mission in the rescue and hand-rearing of black and white rhino orphans. There was a baby hippo to rescue and re-wild too, conservation organizations to found and support, wilderness battles to fight, but it was the rhinos that became her life’s work. Along with Clive, the Walkers’ commitment to preserving these magnificent creatures continues to this day, and they form an invaluable part of what is now one of the leading private rhino sanctuaries in South Africa. A Rhino in my Garden is an intimate and loving portrait of the life of a conservationist, from the inside. A must-have for all book clubs!

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A Rhino in my Garden: Love, Life and the African bush

Conita Walker, Sally Smith

ISBN 9781431425952


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