Aardvark to Zebra – Questions and Answers 2nd Edition


In South Africa we are privileged to have a very diverse natural environment. Our range of publications (including field guides) on the various aspects of the natural environment, count amongst the best (if not THE best) in the world. Regarding the great variety of mammals to be found in our region a number of very useful books have been published in recent years.


The encyclopaedic Aardwolf to Zebra certainly deserves top position. The book contains comprehensive information on 67 mammals, 2 reptiles and 1 bird.

This excellent publication is almost indispensable for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more (much more!) about the wonders of creation and, more specific, about the 70 animals discussed in the book.
  • Nature guides and field rangers. (Even experienced guides WILL learn a lot!).
  • Institutions involved in the training of nature guides and field rangers.
  • Farmers and managers of game farms and nature reserves.
  • Visitors to nature reserves, including overseas tourists.

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