African Trees – A Photographic Exploration


African trees is primarily an art book containing images of some of the most extraordinary and beautiful indigenous trees in Southern and East Africa. Through photographs and text it conveys the magic of African tress and their vital interrelationship with the continent’s people, soil, animals, birds and insects. The title takes the reader on a journey to a range of habitats – from the savannah of the Serengeti and the bushveld of Mpumalanga to riverine forests, woodlands and other fragile ecosystems in the game reserves and national parks of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. Seventeen pristine destinations are covered in all. The author’s hope is to encourage readers to look beyond the game and the birds and thereby appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the trees that sustain the wildlife and often ensure its very survival. Most of the photographs depict the trees not as disembodied objects but as living organisms located in some of the more unique environments and landscapes of Africa. The title also touches on topics relating to conservation, animal activity, and the traditional and medicinal uses of trees by those who live among them and depend on them.

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Charles Bryant & Brita Lombard


ISBN 9781919930763

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