This joyful homage to one of the world’s most beloved and versatile dishes – the curry – is Inspired by the author’s memories of the slow-cooked Cape Malay curries of her childhood, as well as the fast-paced landscape of the Middle East, where she now lives.
Curried  embodies a culinary curiosity and global consciousness for the times. Mindful of both environmental responsibility and affordability, Cariema celebrates the nourishing comfort of pulses and legumes in a multitude of wholesome and delicious vegetarian curries for everyday cooking.
For special occasions, there are meat and seafood curries from around the globe. Rice and condiments are not overlooked, and there is also a selection of breads, as well as delectable desserts. Cariema’s love of writing is evident on every page, making this carefully-crafted and beautifully-photographed book both a pleasure to read as well as to cook from.
Contents: Introduction; Curry cupboard caboodle; Summer; Autumn; Winter; Spring; Breads and rice; Condiments; Desserts and drinks; Glossary; Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Recipe index.
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Cariema Isaacs


ISBN 9781432310936

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