District Six – Memories, Thoughts and Images


Before 1966, District Six, Cape Town, was an area of diverse people of many religions and customs living in a lively and helpful community. From 1966 onwards the Nationalist Government of the time enacted their policy of forced removals, often to designated new places on the distant Cape Flats, and then demolished the entire area with the exception of some places of worship.

The 63 contributors to this book, many of whom were very young at the time, have recorded their indelible memories of District Six, both in prose and poetry, encouraged and collated by the editor, Martin Greshoff.

208 poignant photographs taken of District Six by Jan Greshoff, Rudolf Ryser and David Strachan have been used to great effect. Bonita Bennett, former director of the District Six Museum has contributed the Foreword. Included is also a history of this remarkable and unique area by Professor Crain Soudien.

This book is a testament giving voice to those whose lives were often enriched by their vivid experiences of District Six. Their memoirs make sober, sometimes amusing, fascinating reading.

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Compiled and edited by Martin Greshoff


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