Flowering Plants of Africa: Volume 68


Flowering Plants of Africa Volume 68 contains twenty full colour plates and descriptions of plants. This peer-reviewed biennial series which has become a collector’s item of the African and specifically South African flora.

Contributions to this colourful edition include two aloes, five kalanchoes, three legumes and a number of other interesting and enigmatic species such as Protea caffra subsp. caffra, Oldenburgia grandis and Lasiosiphon polycephalus among various others. New taxa published in this volume are Xerophyta burrowsiorum, Kalanchoe × estrelae, Tephrosia monticola and Barleria makgabengensis. The botanical art includes plates by Gillian Condy, Lesley Deysel (with her depiction of Tephrosia monticola featured on the cover), the late F.Z. van der Merwe and Sandra M. Burrows.

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Flowering Plants of Africa: Volume 68

June 2023



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