Fungi and Lichens of the Limpopo Valley


This well illustrated easy-to-use field guide includes:

    • Detailed introductory chapters for fungi and lichen sections.
    • Information on more than 290 different local macro-fungi, lichen and slime mould species – including various novel species. Many of these, may however, occur widely in the rest of Africa and further afield.
    • Chapters dealing with 15 different morphological groups.
    • A succinct and descriptive text including information on the distinguishing features, ecology, distribution and edibility of species.
    • English & Afrikaans common names
    • Description of families and genera
    • More than 1400 colour photographs (also included on the dvd)
    • Detailed glossary
    • Step-by-step guide to the collection of specimens
    • Map and background of study area
    • Information on the early Mapungubwe civilization
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Retha Van Der Walt, Joanna Dames & Greer Hawley-McMaster

Paperback + CD

ISBN 9780620904056

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