Game Ranger, the Knife, the Lion and the Sheep


David Bristow offers spellbinding stories of some amazing, little-known characters from South Africa, past and very past. There is Krotoa, the Khoi maiden who is found working in the Van Riebeeck household as both servant and interpreter, who became the concubine of Danish surgeon Pieter Van Meerhoff and later his wife. Mevrou Maria Mouton, who preferred to socialize with the slaves than her husband on their farm in the Swartland, and conspired to murder him. And the giant Trekboer Coenraad de Buys-rebel, renegade, a man with a price on his head who married many women and fathered a small nation. The explorer Lichtenstein called him a modern-day Hercules. These characters and more are brought to life in The Game Ranger, the Knife, the Lion and the Sheep.

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David Bristow


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