Gift of the Sun


All Thulani wants is a simple life basking in the sun. Tired of milking the cow, he exchanges it for a goat … the goat for a sheep … the sheep for three geese … until all he has left is a pocket of sunflower seeds! But the sunflower seeds feed the hens, the hens lay more eggs than ever and before long Thulani is enjoying the gift of his newfound fortune. A charming easy-to-understand story teaching children the concept of investing and growing what one has. Dianne Stewart’s charming story and Jude Daly’s delightful illustrations will enchant children and adults alike. For the illustrations of this book, The Gift of the Sun was selected as one of Smithsonian’s Notable Books in 1996 and Jude Daly received the Katrine Harries Award, as well as a place on the IBBY Honour List of 1998.

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Dianne Stewart & Jude Daly


ISBN 9781431428571

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