Grootbos Florilegium


The greatest botanical artists in the world capture one of the most diverse floral kingdoms on earth 44 botanical artists from all over the world, create 120 original artworks. A Ground Breaking 21st Century First: The traditional medium of botanical art is given a new lens with the aim to ultimately connect the reader to a bigger picture – one in which the intricate relationship between ourselves, the natural environment, plants and their pollinators is revealed. Expect meticulous detailing of floral structures, bursting seed pods, brightly coloured beetles, foraging ants, floating pollen and striped field mice…coupled with scientific facts and narrative stories about each plant. This is a florilegium immersed in the natural world, informed by ecology and the fragility of our botanical heritage. Each chapter includes an up-front ‘Wunderkammer’ of artists’ notes, colour swatches, working drawings and archeological details, revealing a glimpse into the creative process and ancient origins of the area. – A unique marriage of art, natural science and storytelling is used to share the treasures of our botanical heritage, diversity and sustainability – Featuring flowers, their pollinators and the landscapes in which they are found – Artists’ notes, working drawings and archeological finds bring each chapter to life Found on a narrow coastal belt on the southern tip of Africa, GROOTBOS is a private nature reserve dedicated to protecting, rehabilitating and conserving the indigenous flora and fauna of the Cape floristic kingdom. The flats, slopes and valleys of Grootbos are a microcosm of the extraordinary botanical diversity that characterizes the region, one of the most species-rich habitats in the world.

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