Indlovu – An African Travelogue


Relocating from London to South Africa for many would be a challenge in itself. However if you have a strong spirit of adventure, it is more about the opportunities that present themselves, as they did for Anton and Tina. Instead of flying to South Africa, they decided to drive, partly for the challenge and partly because often in life we concentrate so hard on our destination, we forget to embrace the journey. As perhaps a metaphor for life, Anton and Tina, along with their new best friend a Toyota Land cruiser named Indlovu, set out to travel the long way down to South Africa. With little more than a map, a chosen route and essentials packed for the trip, the journey begins in London. Join them in a stunning pictorial journey that takes you through Africa and share in their life-affirming experiences as you begin to realise that this is a trip that given the will and inclination, any of us are capable of taking.

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Tina Sachs & Anton Raimondo

Hard Cover

ISBN 9780620714730


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