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The Kind Kitchen  is not just the title of a cookbook, or the name of a restaurant, it embodies a way of living for Jay Mac. As he says: “We don’t have a Planet B to call home! This one is all we have, and
we have the power to change the way we treat mother earth through the foods we choose to eat.”
Being vegan doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of lentils and lettuce leaves. Jay’s innovative and imaginative recipes reimagine all your favourite dishes, from mac ‘n cheese, chicken wings, burritos, bao
buns and maki rolls, to burgers and bunny chow. When it comes to sweet treats, he has adapted family favourites, such as milk tart, pumpkin fritters and cheesecake to be dairy free, while his smoothies and plant-based milks mean less reliance on store-bought products. Jay Mac has mastered the art of turning mushrooms into chicken, carrots into lox, celeriac into fish and beetroot into burgers, as well as the even darker art of making meat from wheat.
Join him in the The Kind Kitchen  and learn his secrets on how to make tasty, tempting and affordable vegan food at home.
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