Madam & Eve Unmasked


Mask on! Mask off!

Covid restrictions might be lifted, but the infectious laughter continues!

Madam & Eve, South Africa’s favourite and longest-running comic strip, takes a satirical look back at yet another roller coaster year of Covid-19 lockdowns, Eskom load shedding, corrupt and inept politicians, Zondo Commission reports, Home Affairs queues, a burning parliament and millions hidden in presidential farm furniture…

Join the beloved cast of Madam, Eve, Mother Anderson and Thandi, and a host of supporting characters, as they unmask the funny side of daily life in this mad country that is South Africa. Proving, once again, that laughter IS the best vaccine in these challenging times.

Written and drawn by Stephen Francis and Rico Schacherl, Madam & Eve has been tickling South Africa’s national funny bone since 1992!

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Author: Francis, Stephen & Rico


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