Nature Now – Mammals of Kruger

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This easy-to-read, fact-filled guide features over 80 mammal species found in the Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s most popular game-viewing destinations. Each account includes brief identification information – how to distinguish a nyala from a bushbuck, for example – and highlights the most interesting facts about the species. Did you know that leopards are more dangerous than lions, elephants use their trunks to snorkel, giraffes give birth standing up, and no two zebras have the same stripe pattern?
Aimed at the popular market, this book:
• Spans Kruger’s wide range of mammal diversity – from the world-famous Big Five to the miniature mongooses seen dashing across the road
• Unpacks each animal’s most interesting characteristics and behaviours
• Notes the record-breakers: who has the longest horns, strongest jaws or greatest appetite?
• Features game-watching tips for successful safaris, as well as ‘Best viewing’ notes for each species
• Presents striking photographs of Kruger’s wildlife in action
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