Pollinators, Predators & Parasites


About the book:
Pollinators, parasites, purifiers, predators, decomposers – insects arguably play the most important roles in the functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems.
This lavishly illustrated and highly authoritative book is structured around southern Africa’s 13 distinct biomes; it
  • reflects the essential role insects play in most ecological processes such as pollination, predation, parasitism, soil modification and nutrient recycling;
  • details how they serve as food for multitudes of other organisms, including bacteria and fungi, as well as specially adapted plants, insect-feeding arthropods, reptiles, birds and mammals;
  • depicts the insects and phenomena described in some 2,000 photographs that accompany the accessible text;
  • highlights the crucial role insects play as ecosystem service providers, giving intimate insight into the beauty and importance of insects in the natural world.
  • includes a guide to each of the 25 insect orders found in southern Africa, with images showing their diagnostic characters.

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Clarke Scholtz, Jenny Scholtz & Hennie de Klerk


ISBN 9781775845553

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