Shudu Finds Her Magic


Gugu smiled. “My darling child, you are already perfect. You just have to be yourself.” She pulled Shudu closer. “Just remember one thing, my child. If you are beautiful inside,” she tapped Shudu’s chest where her heart was beating, “then you will always be beautiful outside.”

In this courageous and beautiful book, Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, tells the story of her upbringing; of a delightful and outgoing girl in Ha-Vhangani, a small Venda village. She is surrounded by a loving extended family. However, things for Shudu take a turn for the worse when she moves to Mpumalanga to live with her mom. At her new school, Shudu is bullied by her classmates. Read how Shudu overcomes her sadness and her challenges, and grows into a girl, and then an adult, who has learned to love herself!

“The one lesson I learnt is that when something bad is happening to you it is important to speak to an adult that you trust about it. This could be a parent, a family member, a teacher or an elder. Remember that being bullied is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. Nobody should have to go through what I went through.” – Shudufhadzo Musida

Published in partnership with Miss South Africa, a leadership platform for ambitious young South African women. Through a pageantry process, contestants receive world-renowned coaching in addition to advanced networking, business and life skills. Shaped into brand ambassadors for our country, they become champions of women’s rights, thought leaders and savvy career women who inspire other young South Africans to fulfil their potential, recognise their self-worth and find their place in the world.

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Shudu Finds Her Magic

Shudufhadzo Musida

ISBN 9781431431106


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