South African Flowering Trees – Botanical Adventure Through History


Many books are written about trees, but few give a complete picture. What do they look like? Where do they come from? How do they grow? What are their uses for man, animals, birds and insects? how have their names changed over time?

South Africa Flowering Trees – a botanical adventure through history will excite anyone interested in South Africa’s natural heritage, whether they are botanists, dendrologists, art lovers, Africana enthusiasts, historians, natural historians – or just curious about their environment.

  • A selection of 25 indigenous South African trees
  • Full colour plate illustrations with detailed line drawings
  • A history of these South African trees from earliest written and oral records
  • Descriptions of seasonal variations
  • Structure, nomenclature, history and practical uses
  • Accessible popular terminology

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Rob Wood

Illustrations by Millicent Frean & Sandie Burrows


ISBN 9780987029355

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