Taxonomic Revision of the genus Zyrphelis in South Africa (Strelitzia 45)


A taxonomic account of the endemic genus Zyrphelis in South Africa is presented. The genus Gymnostephium is sunk under Zyrphelis and some taxa previously listed under Mairia moved to Zyrphelis. Twenty-one species (total 35 taxa) are recognised. Zyrphelis ciliaris subsp. hirsuta is elevated to species level, Z. gracilis is reduced to varietal level under Z. fruticosaZ. grauii is reduced to varietal level under Z. montanaZ. monticola is sunk under Z. microcephala subsp. microcephala. The following new subspecies and varieties are described: Z. decumbens var. grandisZ. ecklonis subsp. longipedunculataZ. foliosa var. glabraZ. fruticosa var. pilosaZ. lasiocarpa var. minorZ. pilosella var. glandulifolia, and Z. taxifolia var. robusta. The following names are lectotypified here: Felicia monticolaGymnostephium leveMairia foliosaM. lasiocarpa and M. montana. Keys to the species, subspecies and varieties, full descriptions of all the taxa, distribution maps and illustrations are provided.

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Paul PJ Herman & Ursula Zinnecker-Wiegand


ISBN 9781928224556


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