Two Oceans – Revised 5th Edition


Southern Africa has a particularly rich marine fauna and flora – almost 6% of all coastal marine species known worldwide occur here, along only 0.5% of the world’s coastline. The most frequently encountered species of this rich assemblage – fish to whales, algae to sponges, and seaweeds to dune forests – are covered in detail in this newly revised and comprehensively updated edition of the best-sellingĀ Two Oceans – A Guide to the Marine Life of Southern Africa. It encompasses descriptions of more than 2,200 species, covering diagnostic features, biology, related species, and distribution. Stunning full-color photographs illustrate the species.

The only guide to southern Africa’s marine heritage, this fifth edition brings the science up to date and features an additional 120 species, 260 updated species names, revised distribution maps, and more than 190 new photographs.

Highly recommended for scientists, students, divers, fishers, and beachcombers.

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George Branch, Charles Griffiths, Margo Branch & Lynnath Beckley


ISBN 9781775848356


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