Wildflowers of the Waterberg


Lavishly illustrated with over 2000 photographs and more than a hundred line drawings, Wildflowers of the Waterberg describes and illustrates 661 species of wildflowers that occur in this topographically diverse region in northern South Africa.

The seven authors, who have spent several years individually combing the region in their pursuit of wild flowers, have combined their photographs and knowledge to produce this attractive and informative catalogue of their findings. Species are grouped into families which are arranged phylogenetically, commencing with primitive plants and concluding with those most recently evolved. Sections of the book also provide family descriptions, a glossary, a quick-guide to assist identification in which the flowers of each species are arranged according to their colour, and an index that provides scientific and common names, together with a checklist of the species in the SANBI Pretoria herbarium that have been collected in the Waterberg.

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Lyn Wadley, Linda Willemse, Kerry Baytopp, Jonathan Swart, Joseph Heymans, Warwick & Michele Tarboton


ISBN 9780620943987

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