Zoya and Naru: An African Journey of a Boy and an Elephant


Zoya and Naru is an African story of a boy and a baby elephant, and their unexpected friendship as they journey to reunite Zoya with his elephant herd. The baby elephant is guided by the intrepid boy and a growing coterie of animals.

A tender, often amusing, take on the age-old African story of nature and humankind existing together in mutual respect. Their conversations are filled with beautiful African proverbs and life lessons that raise awareness of the plight of Elephants and the need to protect them.

The text, by Caroline Montague, is evocative of the African bush, its people and wildlife and their vital importance in the fast disappearing natural world.

Beautifully illustrated by the artist Richie Ryall, this book which will appeal to adults and children as a compelling tale of friendship, courage and hope in the face of adversity.

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Zoya and Naru: An African Journey of a Boy and an Elephant

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