A Day in the Life – Bugs


Set over a 24-hour period, meet busy honey bees, transforming caterpillars, and an army of leafcutter ants in this kids’ non-fiction book about the coolest insects on Earth.

Follow the lives of individual bugs as they fly, hunt, hide, and scuttle their way through their day. Bug expert Dr Jessica L. Ware introduces characters from cicadas to butterflies in the style of a nature documentary, with a sprinkling of simple science explanations perfect for future zoologists. Witness incredible moments including:

  • A dragonfly escaping a hungry frog
  • A shield bug looking after her newly-hatched babies
  • A gigantic comet moth with superpowered wings

Beautifully illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat and packed with animal facts, Bugs (A Day in the Life) is one of the first titles in an exciting new series of animal books from Neon Squid.

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Dr Jessica L. Ware and Chaaya Prabhat


ISBN 9781838991555


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