Cape Wild Foods: A Growers Guide 2nd Edition


Loubie Rusch has been exploring the forgotten and underutilised local indigenous foods of the Cape since 2010. She has foraged and observed them in nature, has cooked and bottled them and has shared about them in workshops and talks. The Cape Wild Foods Garden that she planted in Khayelitsha in 2016 served to try out cultivating some of the foods that till then had only been wild harvested. 

Her first publication, Cape Wild Foods: A Growers Guide, is aimed at small farmers and home gardeners. It brings plant and cultivation information as well as images about a selection of 22 local indigenous food plants. With this book Loubie hopes to engage many others in knowing more about, growing and using the Cape’s local indigenous foods. She is fueled by the conviction that they can make a significant contribution to recalibrating various of the social, economic and ecological imbalances we are surrounded by.

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Loubie Rusch


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