Footprints in the Fynbos

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The Cape Leopard Trust has a unique and innovative education programme with a ten-year track record that has become a valuable instrument for preparing children to navigate and engage with the radical environmental changes happening in today’s new world.  As part of this, we have embarked on a literacy project under the umbrella of conservation education. Combining a wealth of knowledge from the Cape Leopard Trust’s 16 years of research, the incredible illustration skills of Judy Maré and the talented children’s author Liza M Roux to produce a powerful leopard focused storybook. Set in the Western Cape, Leeto the leopard takes us on a journey to find a friend, meeting many characters along the way and learning valuable lessons. As part of the education programme, we see the value of creating an interactive handbook which contains educational teaching and learning resources, aligned with the South African school curriculum packed with a powerful conservation message. Our goal was to offer an accessible and entertaining activity book aimed at participants between the ages of 7 and 14, introducing them to the Cape Leopard Trust, explaining the importance of conserving endangered animal species (especially predators), and encouraging youngsters to take interest and pride in the natural environment.  The book has been developed in engaging fun-to-read and easy-to-follow prose. Rather than being presented didactically, the learning outcomes in the book are approached in a playful, interactive manner. Engaging illustrations and photographs complement the text.


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Liza M Roux & Judy Mare


ISBN 9780620889759


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