Grasses of East Africa


Grasses of East Africa describes 100 species of common, ecologically important or remarkable grasses found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
Grasses comprise one of the largest plant families on Earth, but are possibly the most overlooked. Yet it is these ubiquitous and important plants that have the greatest impact on our daily lives – providing a wide range of staple foods for humans globally, a fundamental source of grazing for livestock, and food and shelter for an infinite variety of wildlife.
This book includes:
• Clearly laid out and easy-to-use species descriptions
• Beautiful line and watercolour illustrations with labels highlighting notable features
• Full-colour photographs
• A concise introduction covering the economic significance of grasses, their ecology, habitats and conservation.
Grasses of East Africa will prove invaluable to students, scientists, travellers and nature lovers as it aids identification while also highlighting the functions of these important and often beautiful plants.

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