Know Them by Their Fruit


This is a unique book with beautiful illustrations of the fruiting twigs of 381 South African trees. Current botanical binomials, recent old names and ‘best’ common names are given for each tree. In addition, distribution, fruiting time and habitats are provided.

The reason behind illustrating tree fruit is that, like so many tree-lovers, Trevor found it difficult to identify many tree species from their leaves – the most variable of all the plant parts. Fruit, like flowers, have much more stable shapes and sizes, and, unlike flowers are more persistent. Scratch around the under-canopy of trees and you may find fruit and/or seed remnants that can be useful for identification.This book was published in partnership with the Botanical Society of South Africa.

“Trevor’s novel approach to his book on South African trees will make it a worthy addition to nature lovers’ bookshelves. It will be especially helpful and appreciated by enthusiasts who don’t have the inclination or time to delve deeply into botany to get to know their trees. The excellent illustrations affirm Trevor’s deep connection with our trees and his ability to highlight their essential elements for other tree lovers.” Richard Boon, author of Pooley’s Trees of Eastern South Africa: A complete guide

“This tree book by Trevor is a must for all tree lovers. Trevor saw the importance of fruit for tree identification and produced this life-time work, which he illustrated himself. His passion for trees and life are reflected in this work!” Ernst van Jaarsveld, ex Kirstenbosch and now at Babylonstoren, a nationally known author and botanist

This book represents the culmination of some 40 years’ work by the author.

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A.T. Ankiewicz


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