Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Vol.3 (Suricata 8)


Volume 3 includes family chapters dealing with 51 of the 108 families of flies that occur in the region and covers the Brachycera: Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae (sometimes termed the higher Diptera). Each chapter includes a diagnosis of the family, sections dealing with biology and immature stages, classification and identification, an identification key to genera (if more than one) and a synopsis of the fauna section, arranged genus by genus alphabetically. The text is richly illustrated with over 3,447 illustrations, including 1,746 colour and 101 black and white images and 1,600 line drawings of flies.

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Ashley H Kirk-Spriggs & Bradley J. Sinclair

Photographs by Stephen A. Marshall


ISBN 9781928224136


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