Pocket Guide to Fynbos


Pocket Guide Fynbos features over 300 of the most spectacular and commonly seen species from South Africa’s renowned floral kingdom – all in one handy, easy-to-use guide.
The species are presented in detail, with each entry featuring:
succinct descriptions of the plant and its habitat, comparisons with similar species and flowering times full-colour photographs and distribution maps floral key, using symbols to denote main identifying features interesting facts about species.
For ease of use, the species are divided into 10 distinct groups, and an illustrated floral key on the inside front cover offers flower lovers a smart tool with which to identify species more accurately.
The introduction describes the world of fynbos, detailing the origins, diversity, adaptations
and conservation of this unique flora.
This compact guide is an invaluable aid for anyone interested in South Africa’s astonishing floral treasures.

John Manning is an internationally renowned botanist based at the SA National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town. A world authority on the Iris and Hyacinth families, he has written many popular and scientific papers and articles, and is known for his flower illustrations and photographs – many of which appear in this book. He has authored and co-authored a range of southern African wildflower guides.

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John Manning


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