Raven and Rover

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Embark on an enchanting adventure with Rover, a curious wild dog puppy, as he steps into the world beyond Mukenya Hill. Guided by his wise friend Raven, Rover encounters a cast of extraordinary creatures – from the majestic Giraffe to the ancient Tortoise and the nurturing Mama Elephant.

As Rover learns about the wonders of nature, he discovers the importance of friendship and cooperation. Join Rover on his exhilarating journey of exploration, filled with heartwarming moments, unexpected challenges, and the joy of discovering the secrets that connect all living beings on this small, rocky hill in Northern Kenya. “Raven and Rover” is a tale of curiosity, resilience, and the magic that happens when different species come together to share the wonders of their world.

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Raven and Rover

Dino Martins


ISBN 9780637001946


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