Saunders’ Field Guide to Gladioli of South Africa


The genus Gladiolus has fascinated plant collectors, taxonomists and the general public for centuries. Known for their spectacular ‑ Flowers, these highly adapted and specialised plants occur throughout Africa, Madagascar, Europe and the Middle East. South Africa is home to more than half of the world’s Gladiolus species and the Western Cape is the heart of species diversity.

Saunders’ Field Guide to Gladioli of South Africa is the first of its kind to offer a complete photographic record of the 166 species that occur in the region. Posthumously completed, this book is the culmination of the Saunders’ long search to find and photograph every known species of Gladiolus in South Africa. It includes:

• An introduction comprising a brief history of gladioli, information about the morphology and taxonomy of the genus, and guidelines for use in the field.

• Detailed descriptions of the main ‑ oral parts of each species, along with information about ecology, pollinators, similar species and conservation status; field notes were written by Rachel Saunders.

• Over 1,000 exquisite photographs taken in situ detailing morphology and habitat.

• Up-to-date distribution maps indicating where species have been recorded.

• A glossary of terms with illustrations unpacking difficult terminology.

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Rachel & Rod Saunders


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