Southern African LBJs made simple


About the book:
Now updated and expanded,  Southern African LBJs Made Simple  offers a unique method for identifying and distinguishing the cryptic little birds that are known as ‘little brown jobs’. Using a three-stage process, the book guides readers through successive stages, each of which takes them closer to identifying the bird in question. As calls play a critical role in identification of these birds, individual calls and comparative tracks are included.
The book features:
  • NEW BIRD CALL ACCESS – instant access to calls using free downloadable call app to scan barcodes on the species pages
  • Concise text describing key ID criteria (such as size, habitat, habits, call and similar-looking and -sounding birds)
  • Updated distribution maps and carefully labelled illustrations.
This enhanced and updated new edition will be an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to be able to tell one LBJ from another.
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Doug Newman & Gordon King


ISBN 9781775846536

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