Spiders of Southern Africa


Formerly Spiderwatch in Southern Africa, this new edition, revised and updated, is now being relaunched as Spiders of Southern Africa.

It is part of an informal series of books that presents natural history topics in a readable, interesting and accessible fashion.

This book provides sharp insight into the complex, often mysterious and always fascinating world of spiders. The reader is introduced to the subject by informative features on the origins of arachnids, on their bewildering variety, their classification into families and genera and on their invertebrate relatives. The five chapters that follow cover the physical and behavioural characteristics of spiders, the main groups (hunters, trappers, ambushers, weavers and so on) and dangerous species.

A chapter on finding and studying spiders is followed by species accounts, entitled ‘What Spider is That?’ Spiders of Southern Africa is lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs; the body text is supplemented by special-interest panels; and the design is bright and busy, with plenty to draw the eye on each spread.

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Astri & John Leroy


ISBN 978186729449

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