The Wildest Dog and other African Tales


The Wildest Dog and Other African Tales  introduces a new story to this popular series. All the animals, including his own pack, think Wild Dog is too wild. In fact, he’s the wildest dog they’ve ever met. His constant activity leads him into a variety of adventures and, ultimately, into danger. But the wild dog pack saves the day and his own mother defends his wild ways, pointing out that curiosity and boldness are essential traits for an alpha dog, such as his father and herself. Rather than squelching Wild Dog’s high spirits, she affi rms them.
In six heartwarming tales, Avril van der Merwe highlights character traits or habits that may trouble young children. Wild Dog’s hyperactive nature gets him into trouble, Pangolin uses her intelligence to outsmart Lion and discovers new friends in the process, Bushbaby’s nocturnal habits lead the animals to assume he is shy, Hyena mistakenly thinks that if she changes her identity she’ll be accepted, Hippo’s envy of Rhinoceros’ horn ends up creating more trouble than she anticipated, while Cheetah learns that his bragging doesn’t impress his friends. Each animal character faces a challenge, but with plenty of encouragement and support from their friends, a lesson is learned and the outcome is always positive.
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Avril van der Merwe

Illustrations by Heidi-Kate Greef


ISBN 9781776353743


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