West Coast – A Natural History


Whether you live here or just happen to be passing through, the many facets of the West Coast leave an imprint upon each of us, giving us a ‘sense of place’ – the sum of all that we take in from our surroundings. Through a series of illustrated essays that touch upon various aspects of its natural history, this book provides a guide for those intrigued by the wonders of the West Coast. From the beaches of the Cape Peninsula to southern Namibia, and inland as far as the Cederberg Mountains, the West Coast is a region of diverse landforms, plant and animal life, climate and history. On a stroll along the beach one can encounter folded bedrock 560 million years old, dune sand 5000 years old, shell middens 1500 years old, and seaweed stranded on the last high tide. This book explores how the many habitats and life forms have evolved through time, including the increasingly large impact that we are having on the West Coast.

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John S. Compton


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