Wild Flowers of the Limpopo Valley – Revised & Updated


This beautifully illustrated field guide has been revised and updated with 50+ additional species, with its wealth of information it will contribute towards the understanding of a group of plants so striking, and individually beautiful, yet so often overlooked and disregarded as ‘weeds’. It represents a major contribution in support of the inadequate existing literature on the subject and will be equally useful for the general public and career conservationists.

This colour coded easy-lo-use field guide includes:

  • Brief descriptions for more than 400 herbaceous and semi-woody species, including information on the plant’s habitat, conservation status etc
  • More than 700 colour photographs as a further aid to identification.
  • Distribution maps including South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
  • Detailed margin leaf drawings
  • Origin of scientific names
  • English and Afrikaans common names
  • Indexes to scientific and common names
  • Detailed glossary and glossary plate
  • Botanical terminology English/Afrikaans
  • Step-by-step guide to the collection of plant material
  • Information on the region
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ISBN: 9780639771564

Author: Retha van der Walt


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